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Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Juventus had a hard time trying to overcome Genoa as the side of Antonio Conte had to wait until the 89th minute for Andrea Pirlo to step it up and score the only goal of the entire match which edged out a crucial victory for Juventus as they collected all 3 points and continue their march at the top of Serie A.

Andrea Pirlo has always been known and admired for his dead-ball skills and according to Gianluigi Buffon, the veteran shot-stoppers revealed that every-time Pirlo has the ball under his control, he is a threat and he can allow the team to dream even in the most dyer moments.

“Did I have hope when I saw Pirlo on the free kick?  Of course. There’s always hope when Pirlo’s on the ball, even if he’s in my penalty area. He’s one of those players who allow you to dream at any given moment when he has the ball at his feet.” Buffon said.

Gianluigi Buffon has now made 476 appearances for Juventus in all competitions which put him equal with Dino Zoff and he revealed what it feels like matching the record of the previous goalkeeper as well as talking about their current situation in the Italian League, Serie A.

“It feels strange to be placed alongside Zoff. He is a legend of the sport all over the world and especially for players in my position. This makes me realize how far I’ve come, but it also leaves me uneasy, because I don’t feel worthy of being compared with Zoff.”

“It makes us very proud to have won this game and we hope the fans and club can be proud too, as we proved this team knows how to suffer under pressure and roll their sleeves up. Is it another brick in the wall of the Scudetto? More than a brick I’d call it a landslide!” Buffon added.