Before a club signs a player, there’s always a 50-50 chance even before the transfer is done. It’s usually either the player hits it big at the new club or flops. Although sometimes it usually takes time before the player gels with the team and blends into the playing style of his new team, other times, it just usually either does not work, or the player would not be able to perform up to expectations or targets.

Every club has a list of players they have signed that have gone on to not only meet expectations but even surpass them, but they also have that list they’re not willing to bring out when transfers are being talked about. This list is the one that contains the transfers that they would wish they never initiated in the first place.

One of such clubs is English Premier League side Chelsea and one of such transfers is the one that saw Adrian Mutu move to Stamford Bridge some years ago. In his prime Mutu was an excellent player who was tipped for big things at a bigger club in the future. While he already started making a name for himself, it was only expected that bigger clubs would start creating a queue as they would try to snap him up but sadly, not all transfers would go as planned.

Mutu completed his move to Chelsea and the Blues fans were filled with excitement that they had gotten themselves a great player who would be an exciting star to watch. In his first few games for the Blues, Mutu was excellent and even brought more joy on the faces of Chelsea fans but they would be short-lived.

After being among the goals in his first few appearances at the club, he would decline in the coming months and it would affect his career in England. About his time at Chelsea, the former Blues star said he Blames no one else for his failed Chelsea stint but himself as he thinks he did not work hard enough.


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