Former Chelsea player Adrian Mutu has been looking back on his career lately and has been making some revelations about his best and worst moments during his time at Stamford Bridge. Mutu was one of those players that were signed by Chelsea that would eventually not go on to fulfill their potentials to the fullest, and he has now admitted that it was a difficult time for him as well. Upon completing his move to join the Blues, a lot of expectations were placed on Mutu to become a shining star at the club because of how very talented he was and how he was able to showcase some of his skills on the pitch.

However, his case was further proof that excelling in the English Premier League is not always an easy task even though you’re coming to the league as a top player from another country. After signing his contract with the Blues, even before kicking a ball, Mutu was already a fams’ favorite and they already started showing him some love and support. But after his first few appearances in a Chelsea shirt, his name that was once echoed by the fans began to slowly fade away from their mouths.

He was not able to perform at the level that was expected of him and he would then leave the club at a much cheaper amount than he was bought because of his struggles to adapt to English Football.

Speaking recently about his Chelsea career, Mutu said that he arrived at Stamford Bridge with the zeal to excel but it was unfortunate that he could not achieve his aim. On why he encountered some struggles at Stamford Bridge, the former player said that even though he tried his best, it was not easy to adapt to the English Premier League and its style of football.


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