Anghel lordanescu hates picking of Les Blues

Anghel lordanescu says if he had the choice, there was not a chance of him picking Les Blues out of all the teams for Romania’s opening encounter, but, now that such has been the programme, he would want to have a positive perspective and see it as an opportunity for Romania to shine in a match which would be viewed in each and every corner of the world.

Iordanescu is drawing the heart from the fact that his team had a goalless draw versus Spain recently and Spain’s playing style resembles to that of France in the sense that they also believe in possession play.

According to Iordanescu, the strong point of Romania is that the organisation of the defence is solid and goals are always tough to come by for the opposition and also, discipline-wise, his players are very good. Whatever strategy is discussed and finalized in the preparations, it is well-remembered and nobody really errs from that too often.

Iordanescu reckons that the match versus Albania; which is going to be the last preliminary-round match for Romania, is crucial because it is scheduled at the end and at that time, various qualification equations would be forming.

In the coach’s view, the play of Albania is always aggressive and with a handful of players coming from the leagues of Italy, France and Netherlands, they are very, very threatening.

On asked if he is anticipating that a large number of Romanians would travel to France to root for the team, Iordanescu said that in his information, whatever seats were available for the Tricolours supporters in the stadiums have all been booked and he is absolutely glad about that as that, without a doubt, would be a driving factor for the players.




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