Mutu criticizes Jose Mourinho

Former Chelsea striker Adrian Mutu has slammed Jose Mourinho and stated that the manager is a fake person. Both parties have had some issues in the past, but it is the first time that Mutu has been speaking publicly about his former manager.

Adrian Mutu admits that Jose Mourinho is a good manager and that he is capable of steering a club to success but that he has a bad personality. The former Romanian striker believes that Mourinho is only interested in himself. He said that the manager does not value relationship and that he is more concerned about his career.

For Adrian Mutu, Jose Mourinho does not know how to communicate with his players and that he is distant as a manager. He said that there is no way for a player to approach him and to discuss about an issue.

He said that Mourinho always makes it a purpose to irritate its players and that he does not do anything to keep his players happy. He said it is always the big personality in the team that gets problem with the manager, and Mutu believes that he will never change.

Adrian Mutu has always experienced trouble with Jose Mourinho, and the manager has often accused the player of not trying enough to help the team. Mutu, on the other hand, claims that it was impossible for him to play under Jose Mourinho and that it would be better for him that he leaves the club.

Jose Mourinho has just joined Manchester United in the summer and has made a great start to the present Premier League season. So far, the Red Devils have won all the games of the season, and their first test will be coming after the international break where they will be facing Manchester City in a fiery derby match.

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