Romania is set to honour football stars during the country’s Football Gala in the first week of December, 2016.

The Gala is billed to take place at Ambasad’Or Otopeni during the Bucharest Fashion Week, according to reports.

The Football Gala is in its 18th year. The Gala seeks to honour sterling football stars in Romanian football, even though other sports are considered too. The Footballer of the Year award is the most prized. It has been awarded to big names like Gica Hagi, Cosmin Contra, Christian Chivu, and cocaine-shamed former player Adrian Mutu, amongst others.

In recent years, players like Cristian Torje, Alexandru Bourceanu, Lucian Sanmartean have snapped up the award. However, there are several other categories like the Goalkeeper of the Year, Defender of the Year, Midfielder of the Year, Forward of the Year and many other categories.

This year, Ciprian Tatarusanu, Florin Nita and Silviu Lung are battling for the Goalkeeper of the Year award while Romario Benzar, Gabriel Tamas and Dragos Grigore would battle for the Defender of the Year honour.

Nicolae Stanciu, Adrian Popa, and Razvan Marin are slugging it out for the best player in the middle while Florin Andone, Debis Alibec and Claudiu Keseru are competing for best forward.

There are other categories like Referee of the Year, Revelation of the Year, Investor of the Year, est Foreign Player of the Year, Best Woman Footballer of the Year, Best Futsal Player of the Year, Club Head of the Year, and others.

Marius Samudica, Gica Hagi and Eduard Iordanescu are in line for the Coach of the Year Award – another prestigious honour.

Journalists would also receive gifts for their effort during the year. The event is organized by the Sporting Club of Journalists. Artistic performances are expected to entertain the guests during the gala.


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