Mutu believes in Chelsea

Former Chelsea player Adrian Mutu has stated that Chelsea will be champions this season.

He believes that there is no other side at the moment in the Premier League that can stop them and that they are the favorite to win the league.

For Adrian Mutu, Chelsea deserves to win the league as they have been the most consistent side this season. He said that Antonio Conte has successfully motivated his players and that they have become a formidable team.

The former Chelsea player said that players such as Costa and Hazard had found their form back under Conte and this is one of the reasons why the team has been able to perform so well this season. He said that Conte has also made some shrewd additions to the team. He believes that Kante has added more energy in the middle of the park and also provide an additional cover for the defender.

For Mutu, it is the change of formation that has allowed Chelsea to dominate this season and he believes that Conte has successfully implemented his strategy in this Chelsea team. He said the players are now playing more freely and that they show determination and aggressiveness on the pitch. This was not evident in the side managed by Jose Mourinho.

Adrian Mutu said that the other teams have failed to be consistent this season and this is another factor that has allowed Chelsea to open such a lead at the top of the table. He believes that Chelsea will win enough games from now until the end of the season that will allow them to clinch the title.

For Mutu, this would be a deserved title for the London side as they have been so good from the start of the season until today.

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