Adrian Mutu Admitted to Drug Offense


In 2004, Adrian Mutu, the Chelsea striker admitted to a drug offense. Ultimately, the Romania international was banned from football for 7 months. Adrian Mutu had tested positive for Cocaine in an announcement, which ultimately led him to be banned from football. Thus, he had to face an acrimonious departure from his team, Stamford Bridge.

The Romania international player relinquished his right to analyze a B sample after he met, Gordon Taylor, the Chief of the Professional Footballer’s Association who confirmed to the news agency that he had tested positive for cocaine. Gheorghe Popescu, the representative of Mutu had revealed the player. He had become a part of Chelsea from Parma in 2003 for £15.8 million and he was ‘destroyed’ and yet hoped to avoid a potential two-year ban by rejecting more samples and making a complete admission.

The former Tottenham player said that Mutu is destroyed. He had told him to assume total responsibility for his action but it seemed like he did not understand. The former Tottenham player had asked him not to ask for the second same to make sure that it doesn’t prolong his agony. He told him that most of the time than not, the second sample only confirms the first.

Adrian Mutu is considered to be one of the most significant by Chelsea. He began his life in England in the best probable manner since he scored in his first 3 matches. However, he lost his Midas touch very soon. He got into a feud with Mourinho and had been banned from football for 7 months he had been found guilty of consuming cocaine. The club then sacked Mutu and had begun legal proceedings against the player at the Court of Arbitration for Sport. In 2018, the footballer had to pay £15.2m to Chelsea for a breach of contract.


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