Happy Birthday Adrian Mutu – Jan 8th 2010

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11 Responses to “Happy Birthday Adrian Mutu – Jan 8th 2010”

  1. tabure13 Says:

    Adrian Mutu Imperator 🙂

  2. nomad8k Says:

    mucu drogatu’

  3. Jesskie1 Says:


  4. danijelaristic Says:

    Welcome to Partizan, Adrian… 🙂

  5. Florinv24 Says:


  6. Alexandru94ful Says:

    a great video and a good song bassunter:X:X Mutu is the best footballplayer and he will back more strong…FORZA MUTU !!!!!!!

  7. shevakakAmutu Says:

    amo qst uomo, i love this man♥

  8. Aleccssandra Says:

    great video … happy b’day Adi … oleole oleola la multi ani de ziua ta

  9. Ballon D'Or Says:

    Have you heard the rumours

  10. Rio Says:

    Thats how it was

  11. WCYFC Says:

    Thanks WCYFC