Adrian Mutu playing football in New York City

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14 Responses to “Adrian Mutu playing football in New York City”

  1. nomad8k Says:

    @3roses4girls why ? because he doesn’t want a druggie and a thug in his team?….mutu is a POS

  2. smokkyz Says:

    mutu is the best hehe ! 😀 grande mutu

  3. TechGuyatNY Says:

    @Vasile0wnzU of course he does. he’s played in england for chelsea

  4. Vasile0wnzU Says:

    i used to love this guy so much he was my favorite player…now i dont like him as much cuz hes just a crackhead he needs to quit drugs

  5. 3roses4girls Says:

    razvan lucescu is most stupid coach ,he has a tiny stupid head like a peanut …like mm stoica said : who ? the one with the knott of his tie bigger than his head ?

  6. Heartsxoxo01 Says:

    ahh hes so hot

  7. Heartsxoxo01 Says:


  8. Vasile0wnzU Says:

    just wondering does he speack english

  9. selebe Says:

    respect Adrian Mutu

  10. florasweetgirl95 Says:

    still our romanian soccer player are awsome and as well HOT!!! MUTU TE IUBESC !

  11. ELpapi183 Says:

    mog am so cute too :)))

  12. SamaMilan Says:

    He’s Soo Cute <3

  13. shevakakAmutu Says:

    OMG he’s so cute, i love him ♥.♥

  14. Rafael da Silva Says:

    Love Brazil