★Make the Difference – Adrian Mutu★ 2010 HD

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15 Responses to “★Make the Difference – Adrian Mutu★ 2010 HD”

  1. Jesskie1 Says:

    everybody is saying he is going to galatasaray but wen?

  2. joao18ism Says:

    esse vai pro mengao

  3. sezoooooo Says:

    welcome to GALATASARAY…

  4. fcdragados Says:

    I’ll be happy if he will go to Galata with Hagi . He needs to learn from the KING how a player must play

  5. CoskunKoruk Says:

    mutu is going to galatasaray istanbul 😀

  6. danijelaristic Says:

    Welcome to Partizan, Adrian… 🙂

  7. MutuGila Says:

    No!! He stay at Fiorentina this year

  8. an902 Says:

    is he going to alnasser club in saudi arabia ??

  9. alwasel1400 Says:

    لاعب كويس لس انه حق بلاوووي

    يعني تشوفه بكره بحي الدخل من قريب يبيع ابيض

  10. MutuGila Says:

    brian – too grown for that

  11. jh0rjh3 Says:

    2nd song name ?

  12. TowringCosta Says:

    the name of the second song?

  13. RayLovesRomania Says:

    He could have been the best but tentations are everywhere…

  14. shevakakAmutu Says:

    grandissima carriera..:)

  15. Modric Says: