Adrian Mutu – Cocaine

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26 Responses to “Adrian Mutu – Cocaine”

  1. edydark1 Says:

    cocaine is an upper…..common known fact
    marijuana is the one making u sleepy,happy n hungry

  2. TheeChelseaBlues Says:

    @IXIAdRiaNIXI yeah i know cocaine doesnt make you better it actually fucks you up. silly. & personally i think he is shit. cause WHEN DROGBA WANTS TO PLAY HE CANT BE STOPPED!

  3. IXIAdRiaNIXI Says:

    @TheeChelseaBlues cocaine doesnt improve performance dumb ass….sure its a dumb drug but when mutu wants to play mutu cant be stoped

  4. TheeChelseaBlues Says:

    @smokkyz haha no, DIDIER DROGBA IS! Cause he don’t do coke like Adrian Matu
    And he isn’t a drug cheat,

  5. smokkyz Says:

    cocaine or not …. he still one of the best strikers in the world Grande Mutu !

  6. TheDarkLordKai Says:

    Mutu, simply the best.

  7. KatalinBacau Says:

    mancameai pula de broscalete prost ce esti………muie juve,,,,,,,,,muie juve,,,,,,,,,,,,,FORZA MILAN

  8. floryn76 Says:

    @emil620 anti mutu si putin dinamo

  9. emil620 Says:

    @floryn76 esti prost rau dute-n pula mea de stelist!!!! forza dinamo si forza mutu pana la moarte

  10. mcpeter90 Says:

    first of all… cocaine doesn’t improve your performances, it doesn’t help you play better, only hard work can make you a good player, like mutu. and… he wasn’t the only chelsea player to use cocaine then. there were 3-4 players who used, but mutu was penalized more than the other players… chelsea asked only him to pay $17.000.000

  11. floryn76 Says:

    @emil620 boule te ai convins cine i mutu

  12. floryn76 Says:

    pretene e un alt cacat de caine si nu mai insista sa l sustii nu merita .1 coincidenta 2 intamplare 3 prostie deci copilul e prost si nu merita compasiune sau sprijin e pur si simplu un drogat bogat care sa cacat in ea de nationala cu basinile lui de smecher fotbalist etc etc nu merita efortul ma dor degetele

  13. Geovanni999 Says:

    what kind of video is this?!?!?!

  14. Petar062 Says:


    nomy-cocaine,read the description next time

  15. NnikoBellic Says:


  16. Greenday4life101 Says:

    ROMANIA!!!!! ThE BeST

  17. emil620 Says:

    fuck chelsea,fuck abramovici …mutu is a the best striker in the world and……va fute dinamooo,va fute dinamo,va fute dinamo,va fute dinamooooooooo

  18. alexandrey10 Says:

    He Was Suspended 6 monts then he can play in premier league

  19. TattooMilioneR Says:

    he cant play good football nowdays cause his troubles…. 🙁 hope to see him back at hes best!

  20. TattooMilioneR Says:

    Mutu isnt allowoed to play at premier league anymore i think. Thats why chelsea is so cruel against him!(My opinion)! Anyway i am in mutus side but chelsea by her side is right too. so its a difficult situation… and we cant say that only mutu is right because he s just great footballer. Mutu is th wrong and as he says he pays a child-mistake (cocaine) now !

  21. cainealex Says:


  22. dukitooskar Says:

    yes piss of……adrian legend….wonderfull player

  23. Todoslosfritos Says:

    …piss off

  24. Todoslosfritos Says:

    You put an apostrophe in sucks… That’s how much you suck

  25. molotov314 Says:


  26. Tevez argentina Says:

    I’ve tweeted this article 🙂