Romanian media Bashing Christoph Daum

It’s fair to say that the relationship between Christoph Daum, who is in charge of the senior soccer team of Romania, and the Romanian media is not the strongest and the friendliest.

The Romanian media has not let go of any opportunity to bash the Germany born coach who has been at his post for the last 12 months and has not guided the team to a lot of victories in this duration.

It seriously annoyed Daum last week when ahead of a big match versus Chile, a media person took a dig at him asking him when he was going to leave his post.

Answering the question in a very angry tone, Daum accused that journalist of harming the Romanian soccer and not helping it in any way with that kind of journalism.

Daum said in that press conference that he has been putting facts and figures in front of the media and has been giving them the reasons why the team is not being consistent and what is the work to be done in future to achieve the consistency, but, the media is singing its own tune and is not ready to pay any attention to his remarks.

As per Daum, the only thing the media wants to do is to pile the pressure on the coach to give up on the job and move away and on the association to axe the coach and that’s so unfortunate because that’s not the purpose the media should be working with.

The entire country including the media should be concerned about the benefit of the team, but, the media unfortunately does not have that concern at the moment and it’s pushing its own agenda which is to get the coach fired at any cost.

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