There have been a lot of transfer stories in the past where footballers would have to reject or decline the offer made by one club in favor of accepting another one from a different club and a lot of players have, in the past, confirmed that they have had to turn down a contract offer from one club just so they could accept the next available offer. While some players give reasons like they thought the accepted offer was the right one at that moment, others would, even though they rarely mention it, choose to go for the deal that would see them earn more money than the other one.

It does happen though bit it is only on rare occasions that players would decide to turn down a big-money move to a club in favor of a transfer to another club where they would earn a relatively lower salary because they “only want to play football”. One of those players who have now revealed how they had a change in their career path by snubbing one club for another is former Chelsea player Adrian Mutu. Mutu may not be remembered as one of Chelsea’s best players ever because of the sort of career he had at Stamford Bridge but he clearly wished he had a more successful career with the Blues.

Mutu has now revealed that before signing for Chelsea, he was first approached by their neighboring London rivals Arsenal but stated that his reason for picking blue over red was because he felt Chelsea were a bigger club than Arsenal at the time.

Mutu would go on to have a career he would not have hoped for at Chelsea but he insists that he does not regret picking the Blues over the Gunners when he had the chance to pick from both clubs.


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