Athletic Madrid can overcome Real Madrid and Barcelona according to Ancelotti

On May 18 of 2014, Athletic Made history as they won the Spanish League title, La Liga. Athletic Madrid managed to seal 90 points which was 3 more than Barcelona and Real Madrid. Taking into consideration all of the major spending and the high-profile players that their rivals had, winning La Liga was a huge accomplishment, it was a history making achievement that will forever mark the name of Diego Simeone and his players in the chronicles of Athletic Madrid.

Real Madrid and Barcelona were the favorites of winning that season but Athletic Madrid arrived and sneaked past everyone as they took the Spanish League title of the 2013-14 season. Athletic Madrid has not been able to repeat that feat ever since then however, Carlo Ancelotti believes that Diego Simeone has a team filled with talented players who are able to surprise the world once again.

Diego Simeone said: I’m confident they’ll trouble Barcelona and Madrid. Diego Simeone is a coach who knows how to get the best from players. It’s very hard playing against them.”

Athletic Madrid kicked off this new season of the Serie A by winning their 2 opening matches of the season but the 2015-16 has only just began and it’s far from over as anything can happen.

Carlo Ancelotti didn’t say that he thinks that Athletic Madrid will win this season of La Liga, the Italian manager only that they have what it takes to do it and become the new champions of Spain and making his history once again.

It certainly isn’t an impossible task but it will be an extremely difficult one as Rafael Benitez of Real Madrid needs to start winning big pieces of silverware and if he doesn’t, he might get sacked from coaching the Spanish meanwhile Barcelona keeps on performing better with Lionel Messi leading the attacking department who continues playing at a level which is beyond everyone else in the world of football.

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