Current Al Wahda reserve coach Adrian Mutu is being said to owe English Premier League side Chelsea a total sum of 17 million euros.

The Romanian got himself into a back and forth row with the Blues upon leaving the club and his failure to secure a reasonable deal at the European Court for Human Rights has seen him being ordered to pay such an outrageous amount.

The Blues purchased Mutu from Italian Serie A side Parma but a falling out with then coach Jose Mourinho, ruled the Romanian out from having any reasonable part in the club.

Testing positive for cocaine months later made his relationship with everyone involved in his transfer from Parma sour. He was handed a 7-month ban by FIFA as a result.

He never played for the Blues again as they terminated his contract as a result. This led to a move to Juventus which ironically got relegated a year later from the Serie A.

Just like how all other Juve players fled at that time, refusing to go down with the club instead, Adrian Mutu found himself settling down in Fiorentina.

5 years later, he was arguably the best striker in the whole of Italy.

In spite of the progress made by the striker, putting the cocaine incident behind him and actually trying to make himself useful at a new club, Chelsea filed for a breach of contract on the Romanian’s part, hinting to him that the rainy days were far from over.

In losing his appeal to the court though, it remains to be seen what Mutu’s next move might be because for a start he has no means of coughing out the 17 million euros he’s is reportedly owing Chelsea.

His best bet might to pray Abrahimovic allows bygones to be bygones.


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