A Little While for Self; Corona Pandemic

Adrian Mutu, the Romanian football player-coach and a former player have opened up about his self-isolation. He has been in isolation with his family since days and is trying to protect himself and his family as much as possible, amidst the increasing panic created by the spread of corona virus, the life taking pandemic. The U21 coach says that he is enjoying this time and is trying to get engaged in more useful things.

During isolation, he has prepared himself to read and study football and spends a lot of his time in Gym. He said that he has been in contact with his acquaintances in Italy where the number of affected is more than any existing country and had reported that he had talked with his kith’s there and the situation has turned dramatically in the country. However, things will turn for good, the player affirmed. The 41-year-old, Romanian Youth team coach was also considered by the Turk’s in preparing a supporting video for a public campaign about the corona virus pandemic along with the other supporting footballers and coaches including Roberto Mancini.

The coach has extended his greeting for the Turkish community and urged all the countrymen to stay safe at home by the campaign. Mutu is setting an example for his lovers by saying that he is having my time in his home. There have been even other reports recently of him getting engaged with things outside football and the news is under huge attention. The coach has expressed his interest to sing along ‘Bug Mafia’, the most famous Hip hop band in Romania. The player informed that he had texted with the band and is thrilled about the ongoing club up. However, the band has not released any official affirmations about the news.


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