Adrian Mutu: I’ Fenomeno

Movie Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to “Adrian Mutu: I’ Fenomeno”

  1. adisorus Says:

    Mutulica…La Multi Ani!!!! Sper sa inscri un gol impotriva lui Udinese miine.

  2. Gamanescualin Says:

    Dupa parerea mea Mutu este in primi 3 atacanti romani

  3. 1Petrutz Says:

    Il Fenomeno..Se vede ca i Roman…Cel Mai Bun

  4. GabrielTalentScout4 Says:

    Conoscete KICKO ? E’ lo youtube del calcio!

    Visit also the youtube of soccer: KICKO !

  5. ion dobinciuc Says:

    il fenomeno ( cocalar)  =))

  6. granatagirl13 Says:

    Go Mutu! Romania loves you

  7. Alex Sterian Says:

    e contento che e rumeno e ha ragione guarda che giocatore!

  8. nicematchvsnicegai Says:

    scrivehe in italiano

  9. DanyBugMafia Says:

    sunt mandru ca sunt roman…HAI ROMANIAAA:X

  10. boxeurviola Says:

    1:in the last 4 years fiorentina arrived in the first 4 positions so in champions league but for unreally facts figc has prevented us
    2:classified results of this year(now)
    5 milan
    so in champions league(and “serie A” is not “buendesliga”..)
    3:mutu comunicated more times that florence is the best place for him
    4:supporter’s of fiorentina are famous for their fervour
    5:firenze is the most beautiful city of the’s enough?

  11. mikiasroma Says:

    Adrian Mutu: I’ Fenomeno mutu 6 er meyo

  12. Serghei Mizil Says:

    prolly he fucked u and gave u no money lol ur pissed of because of that sweety?

  13. cepulameavreisascriu Says:

    hi. i need a favor guys. where can i find medium / high quality clips with adrian mutu ? i really need this info and i would appreciated if you would give me. THANKS

  14. creek2105 Says:

    he is not a gipsy, he is a romanian player!!!
    I want to see you “Wedge4England” thru the years(10) when we(romanians) will say that the british people wiil be called GIPSY, if you dont know a gipsy family had minimum 6-7 childs and if I am right I know that the gipsy famillies are in Great Britan(25000famillies).

  15. iom iamjgk Says:


  16. Butch3RRRR Says:

    at euro, italy and romania will qualifie, sending france and holland home and then meet in the final!!!:D

  17. Florea George Says:

    Yes Mutu is The Best i am From Romania

  18. Chise Ovidiu Says:

    hey people this is an phenomenon….is not a gypsie..finish with this rasism because mutu is an onest player..and romania is not a sheat

  19. EriktheDreamer Says:

    gli’è l’unio zingaro bono..

  20. sdwdew werwrw Says:

    true man true! this gypsies are come from India!! Romania is Romania! gypsys are gypsis!

  21. cri b Says:

    what the fuck is this thing with gypsises?? Have you ever seen a Romanian? we are white, adn the fucking gypsies who are everywhere in europe are indians!!! By the way: was somebody in S Italy to see the dark ones???

  22. gianca60 Says:

    You can’t.

  23. FLORINELO Says:

    bagami-as pula-n masa lu mutu! i wish to fuck mutu’s mum!

  24. gianca60 Says:

    Mutu Firenze ti ama!